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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Club Helmets and Shoes.

I asked the store if we could put out a 'recommended' helmet and shoes for the club so that if anyone does need new shoes or helmets they know a good one that matches the kit and it is for a fair price. The store will give club members the following prices.

Ian has suggested that the club go with:

the Kask Mojito in Black and Red. $185.
or the Bell Volt in Black and Red.  $145.

This way if slowly over the years we all replace our helmets, we have ones that match our kit.

For the shoes, he suggested

the Diadora Tornado $150
or the Sidi Genius 5  $225

If you need new shoes or a helmet, just go in and talk to Ian and he'll let you try on the stuff.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

STC Clothing order is here!

The box came with all the STC clothes! It is all sorted and in bags with your names on it. If you ordered clothing this year, you can come pick it up. I have it in a box at the front of The Engine Room, which is my cycling studio at the back of Speed Theory. Come in any time the store is open and grab your clothing.


Monday, April 20, 2015

WildCat Roubiax - Time to Sign Up

There are only about 8 people signed up for this event.  Span needs a lot me people in order to hold this event so if you want to enjoy this race please sign up soon or the race will be cancelled.  :(

Go to the events page on the ABA website.  Scroll down till you see the WildCat Roubiax and click on the zone 4 link.  That is it. 


Harley B

Friday, April 17, 2015

WildCat Roubiax April 25th!!

Looking for a row count for the WildCat Roubiax.  This is a great preseason race to help you get into shape!!  Put your name on the list and lets plan a warm up ride together.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thurs Night Skills In Training Forum

Good Day Everyone,

There is a new posting for the Thursday Night Skills in the training forum.


Harley B

Monday, April 13, 2015

Done. Log it! The Tombstone 600.

Just a quick update: I hope Stephen can write a little more soon.

The three of us on Day 2 around 450km in on Gates Pass.
Stephen, Paul, and I completed the Tombstone 600km Brevet this evening. It was actually 614km, and let me tell you, after 600km, that 14km hurt the head!

The weather was warm, but the hellacious winds were a massive problem on the day. The course distance is large enough, that there were extremely long sections in one direction. At one point in the ride, we had 102km of block headwinds where it was too loud to yell to each other. 6 hours in the small ring in concert level white noise is tough mentally, let me tell you!  Anyway, we completed 412km on the first, day, but we were pretty beat up by the extra 4 hours over the expected completion time. We got a shower, some food, and some sleep, then bagged the last 202km today, when it was much more favourable weather.

A brevet is unlike a race in that it is simply an event you partake in and try to complete the ride as strongly as you can. We all finished and still like cycling, so that is a win in our books.

Hopefully more to come from Stephen!

Garmin file here.
Stephen and Trev riding into the Sunset close to Sonoita about 320km in.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Hey everyone!

It is one month until the Penticton camp!  If you have not booked accommodations yet you should do so asap.

Also, a reminder now is the time to start getting out for lots of rides in preparation if you have not yet done so.  If you cannot get out for longer (2.5+ hours) then get out for as many little rides as possible.  The training forum is a great tool to post or join rides so be sure to check there frequently.

If you have any questions don't be shy to ask.


Harley B

First Thursday Night Skills Night This Thursday, April 9th

Good Day,

Please check the training forum for the posting of the 1st Thursday night skills night.


Harley B

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Throwback Thursday: 2009 Mt. Norquay Hill Climb

After hearing the news about Banff Bike Fest being cancelled, I thought about other races that have been swept away by the sands of time. For three years the Mt. Norquay Hill Climb was THE focus race for me and, quite frankly, the only race I really cared about. Five kms of glorious, windy switchbacks with a nice flat to finish off the pain and, for the 2009 edition, fresh pavement with nary a crack in it. Oh, this day held potential for some fast times.

The 2009 edition was to be the last, after Parks Canada clamped down on using the road for competitions. Perhaps having the race on September 13 brought bad luck? Whenever we drive the TCH through Banff, I always find myself glancing up the Norquay road, thinking about old times, and reminding my wife that I had some ok results at that race. Strangely enough, I've never done this climb since that 2009 race.

Mt. Norquay Hill Climb Blog
2009 Results (A painful reminder that I used to be fast(ish). The year before was pretty good, too.)

(Photo: C. Mayne, via the Mt. Norquay Hill Climb blog)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Let's Go See Adam and the CPO!

Update: Last chance! I'll be calling the CPO tomorrow morning to make arrangements.

STC folks,

On Friday, April 10, our own Adam Zinatelli is featured as the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra performs Shostakovich's Piano Concerto #1. Yes, it's a piano piece, but the trumpet is also kind of a big deal in this one, and Adam will be front and centre with the piano. Also on the program is Stravinsky's famous Firebird Suite. 

I think this would be a great group activity for STC folks and their significant others. We support one of our own and support a great music organization. Please let me know if you are interested and for how many tickets you will need by Monday, March 30 and I'll do the leg work with the CPO. Regular price tickets start at $45.00, but there is a group discount for groups of 10+. 

Here's the full program

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: William "Torchy" Peden

Victoria, BC has produced some world-class cyclists, including Roland Green and Ryder Hesjedal. But, probably the most famous and most successful Victorian cyclist is William "Torchy" Peden. Peden dominated the six-day track circuit between 1929 and 1948, winning 36 of the 148 races he entered. In 1932, he set a record for the mile at 73.5 mph (under 50 seconds), motor paced behind a car.

Biography and full results at 6dayracing.ca
Biography at Canada's Sports of Fame

Photo: 6dayracing.ca

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Canadian Tire National Cycling Series

The Tour of Alberta is an awesome event, but did you know that back in the early 1990s there was a national cycling series sponsored by Canadian Tire that crisscrossed the country, drawing a mix of top North American professionals and elite amateurs? Pro bike racing visited places like Brandon, Manitoba and Cape Breton Island. Take a gander at this highlight package from the 1992 series, featuring teams like the famed Coors Light Cycling Team, Evian, and Calgary's own Cyclemiesters.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Planning Rides? -- Training Ride Forum

New (and veteran) STC Members,

I've been getting some questions about scheduled club rides. Now that the riding season is on us, here's some tips and hints for setting up rides with fellow STC members.

- Because we're spread all over the city and a lot of us have family responsibilities and other life stuff, we've found that a "set" weekly club ride doesn't serve everyone well. So...

- Use the Training Ride Forum above to set up up rides. Get into the habit of checking the Forum, post rides in the Forum, and don't get discouraged if some of the rides are small in numbers. Life happens: people have schedules and families. It's nothing personal.

- A lot of the posted rides start up in the NW at the Bearspaw Lions Club on Nagway Road. We've found that it's easy to get to for most people, and the Club is cool with people parking in the lot (as far as we know).

- A lot of people who live in the south meet at 22X and 37 Ave. There's a little parking lot there, and you can head straight south on the Road to Nepal.

- When posting, make sure to give the start time, route, and if the ride is drop or no-drop.

- Don't forget about the Wheeler's Ride. It's a weekly inter-club Saturday morning fast ride welcome to all. You are expected to know the route, since it is a drop ride.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sunday Ride

Sunday March 8th
No Drop
Leave from Kings Church at noon

Social ride.  Second group ride of the year.
Airport loop - about 50km-ish (I can't remember exactly)
Dress for the weather!


Full Calendar